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Fukuoka Beauty Award – Santa’s lovely helpers have a present for you!

Voting for "Fukuoka Beauty Award" has ended. Thank you very much!!

2009 was the year of “kawaii”, but at the same time “bijin-tokei” (beauty clock) and “Bishojo-zukan” (beautiful girl pictorial book/site), showing that it was a year that “girls’ beauty” was in the spotlight.

Fukuoka has more than its share of beauties, with Hakata bijin being known alongside Akita bijin and Kyoto bijin as one of the top three centers to find beautiful girls. In addition Fukuoka has many spots such as beauty parlors and nail salons to support girls in their quest for beauty, with the beauty industry topping even fashionable cities like Kobe and Yokohama.。 (Reference:fU+Volume 6)

With so many beautiful women in Fukuoka we have come up with the “Fukuoka Beauty Award – Win a Present from Santa’s Loveliest Helpers”.

We have selected eight of Santa’s loveliest helpers from the fashion shop center of Tenjin, and want you to vote for which one you would like to receive a present from!!

Our eight Santa’s helpers have a special Christmas present for you. Choose which one you would like to give you a present by entering on the request page, and we will draw eight lucky winners to get a present from one of the beauties.

The beauty with the most votes will also receive a present from asianbeat!

Readers can vote between December 10 and 23, 2009.

Make your vote count! Vote now!

Click on the photo for a detailed profile.

  • No.1
    Fukuoka Beauty Award

  • No.2
    Fukuoka Beauty Award

  • No.3
    Fukuoka Beauty Award

  • No.4
    Fukuoka Beauty Award

  • No.5
    Fukuoka Beauty Award

  • No.6
    Fukuoka Beauty Award

  • No.7

  • No.8
    Fukuoka Beauty Award


Readers can vote between December 10 and 23, 2009.

The result of the poll will be announced at 12:25 am on December 25, 2009 on this website"asianbeat"


The beauty with the most votes will also receive a present from asianbeat!



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