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[Cosplayers Laboratory] - Korea -

cosplayers laboratory korea cosplay coser
One of asianbeat's most popular corners: "Cosplayers Laboratory" is back with more! In response to popular demand, we at asiabeat have put together a new installment of "Cosplayers Laboratory" - the Korean Edition. Both within Korea and all around the world, these cosplayers are well-known and some of the best, so please stay tuned!

  • [Cosplayers Laboratory] - Korea - #018 Tomia

    The 18th introduction is about Tomia! Having participated in many cosplay events, Tomia has accumulated many fans from all around the world. Here, you can enjoy Tomia's gorgeous high quality cosplay photos from cute to cool styles!

  • [Cosplayers Laboratory] - Korea - #014 No som

    The spotlight for the 14th installment of the Korean section of "Cosplayers Laboratory" falls on No som, a cosplayer who is good at dressing up as devilish or "tsundere"characters. She often wows viewers with her expressive appearance! We've got lots of photos for you to enjoy!

  • [Cosplayers Laboratory] - Korea - #013 Niya

    The Korean section of the widely read "Cosplayers Laboratory" is back for its 13th edition and this time features Niya who has the ability to completely transform into teenage characters!

  • [Cosplayers Laboratory] - Korea - #012 Zrin

    The 12th installment of the Korean section of the hugely popular "Cosplayers Laboratory" features Zrin. A student with 8 years of cosplay experience, she looks so professional!

  • [Cosplayers Laboratory] - Korea - #011 Reve

    For the 11th edition of the Korean section of the much-read "Cosplayers Laboratory," the focus shifts to Reve, whose beautiful femininity really makes an impression. Active in the Korean cosplaying team "RZ Cos," this is one cosplayer you have to check-out!

  • [Cosplayers Laboratory] - Korea - #010 Haru

    The spotlight for the 10th edition of the Korean section of the much-read "Cosplayers Laboratory" falls on Haru, a cosplayer who mainly appears as characters from popular Korean games. Having contributed a cosplay-related column to a game portal site for many years, she is officially recognized as a cosplay enthusiast!

  • [Cosplayers Laboratory] - Korea - #009 Kong1

    The star of our 9th installment of the Korean version of the hugely popular "Cosplayers Laboratory" is Kong1, a male cosplayer who hasn't appeared for some time. Boasting an outstanding record in all the competitions he has appeared in so far, he was also selected as a representative for Korea at the 2015 World Cosplay Summit (WCS)!

  • [Cosplayers Laboratory] - Korea - #007 WOLF

    For the 7th edition of the Korean version of our much-loved segment "Cosplayers Laboratory" we caught up with WOLF, a popular cosplayer who is frequently invited to events in China as a member of a team of Korean representatives. Check-out her daring outfits, as well as her bold and dangerous poses!

  • [Cosplayers Laboratory] - Korea - #006 JDoll

    In the 6th installment of Korean section of our popular segment "Cosplayers Laboratory" we met up with JDOLL, a design major at university who has an extraordinary passion for creating cosplay outfits! You won't be able to take your eyes off her wonderful creations!

  • [Cosplayers Laboratory] - Korea - #005 SIA

    Here's SIA! In the 5th edition of the Korean section of our popular segment "Cosplayers Laboratory," we introduce you to an anime lover, who enjoys cosplay with her friends. A newly married cosplayer she is devoted to both her work and home-life!

  • [Cosplayers Laboratory] - Korea - #008 AZA MIYUKO

    In this eighth installment, we will be introducing you to AZA MIYUKO who has just this year participated in the "World Cosplay Summit" held in August as one of the Korean representatives! She became extremely poplular with her "Kuroneko" cosplay in Japan but at this event you will be able to see a wide variety of characters so be sure not to miss it!

  • [Cosplayers Laboratory] - Korea - #004 Caruto

    In this fourth installment our first male cosplayer makes an appearance! Caruto made a name for himself at the 2011 "ASIA VOCALOID FESTA." He made such a kawaii Miku that many people thought he was a girl! Ever since he has continued and has been upgrading himself over the past three years and has found himself a large fan base!

  • [Cosplayers Laboratory] - Korea - #003 Yuhee

    Our third guest goes by the name Yuhee. She is extremely talented and can pull off any number of sexy or refreshingly casual. She has a background in voice acting, mostly for games and is a multi-faceted entertainer.

  • [Cosplayers Laboratory] - Korea - #002 Lita

    For our second installment of Cosplayers Laboratory, please welcome Rita from Korea!




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