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■South Korea Preliminary Round ■ Result Announcement


Who will be crowned Asia's No.1 Vocaloid Cosplayer!? South Korea Preliminary Round - Result Announcement!

Preliminary rounds for the Asia Vocaloid Cosplay Championship are taking place in regions all across Asia. The winners at each of the preliminary rounds will then converge on Fukuoka, Japan, to battle it out for the title of "Asia's No.1 Vocaloid Cosplayer."

Voting for the South Korea Preliminary round is now closed and we have the results!

From among the 4 entrants, the one who will be flown to Fukuoka to represent South Korea at the championship is...!

No.2 Rikert &Carut


※Click on the photos to reveal entrant profiles and performance clips.

Congratulations on Securing a Place in the Finals!

Stay tuned for our report on all the happenings at the Oct 23rd championship!

Don't forget to check up on all the potential rivals via the regional online vote!!

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