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Slow+K (Cabbages & Condoms)(1/3)

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A Terrific Thai Buffet to Sing About!

When Slow+K first opened in 2006, it made a big splash not only for its expansive all-you-can-eat buffet but also for it's numerous and unconventionally-appointed private karaoke rooms. In January 2010, new management took over the reins and has made a good place even better. There are over thirty karaoke rooms available for groups of two to fifty. Some of the more outlandish ones are gone, but they still have unique rooms with foot baths and one with a darts board.
Slow+K (Cabbages & Condoms)
Slow+K (Cabbages & Condoms)
Slow+K (Cabbages & Condoms)
Slow+K (Cabbages & Condoms)
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