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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

All personal information gathered, used and managed by the Asia Youth Culture Center (AYCC) and its website (http://asianbeat.com/)is subject to the Japanese and personal information protection law and the Fukuoka personal information protection ordinance.(PDF)We may ask you for your personal information for the purpose of surveys, inquiries or mail lists.

The information asked will include name, email address, telephone number, and address. If necessary, information other than previously mentioned items may be also asked. Apart from minimal information required, users may provide such information on an optional basis. Information provided will not be modified without prior consent.

Furthermore, users should be aware that there may be cases when limited information will be passed on to a third party (for example, one’s name and address may be notified to a delivery company)

Governing laws

This site can be accessed from countries which have different laws. However, no matter what the law of the country of the person accessing, users agree that this site will be subject to the laws of Japan and the relevant ordinance prescribed by Fukuoka Prefecture.



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