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Asian Kawaii Style Vol.19: Nana Soup from Hong Kong (3/4)

My Kawaii 1. Don’t we look like twins?

Do you recognize the girl next to me? Dolly-san is a Hong Kong girl and appeared in Vol. 7 of this series. The two of us met at a Lolita Tea Party and because both of us had similar interests in Japanese culture and gourmet foods, we became fast friends.
Nana soup-My Kawaii I (1).jpg
That day, we dressed like twins and walked along the cobbled streets of a town in Hong Kong called Central District. We stopped in front of a fancy shop for a fun little photo shoot.
Nana soup-My Kawaii I (2).jpg
Nana soup-My Kawaii I (3).jpg
We had lunch at "HKFY Organic 21" on Staunton Street.The shop’s interior might be simple but it is very nice. The menu is suitable even for a vegetarian and offers a variety of healthy foods. One part of their menu even has foods made from the crops cultivated in their own fields. The food is even prepared by a chef that previously worked at a restaurant with 3 Michelin stars!
Nana soup-My Kawaii I (4).jpg
Nana soup-My Kawaii I (5).jpg
My kawaii2
my profire
My kawaii1
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