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Fukuoka Ramen Map Hakata Station & Nakasu Area(3/3)

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    Ramen Danbo - Hakata Nakasu Branch

    暖暮 博多中洲店 外観
    暖暮 博多中洲店 ラーメン
    暖暮 博多中洲店 内観
    Cooked over high heat with pork bone and alkaline water, the broth smells as delicious as it tastes.

    ◆The simple but delicious umami from the pork in infused in every strand of the noodles, giving it a distinct flavor. With as much spice as you want at your disposal, this is a broth you just don't get tired of and can switch up whenever you want. This is a great place that let's you decide not only how much spice you want in your broth but also the thickness of it!
    暖暮 博多中洲店 Bセット
    Char siu Ramen…¥700
    Hanjuku Nitamago Ramen…¥700
    Negi Goma Ramen…¥650
    Rekka Ramen…¥650

    Kaedama (extra noodle)…¥150
    Mentaiko Gohan…¥250
    Char siu Takana-don…¥250
    Hitokuchi Gyoza…¥300 (8 pieces)

    Left picture: Hanjuku Nitamago Ramen with "Side Menu B" ¥400 (small fried rice & Hitokuchi Gyoza 6 pieces)

    Ramen Danbo - Hakata Nakasu Branch

    Address: 4-7-20 Nakasu, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture
    TEL: 092-282-3488
    Capacity: 14 Seats * All the information is as of January 2014.
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