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Lolita Fashion Photo Gallery(4/20)

    No.4 Fuzzy

    Lolita Tea Party in Fukuoka 2016_Lolita Fashion Photo Gallery
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    - Are you wearing any brands today? 
    Skirt and Alice band: Triple*fortune
    Outer dress and veil: LIEF
    Corset: P.C.W
    Bolero (short jacket): Metamorphose
    Necklace: Atelier*Silencio
    Rings (jewellery): Jane Marple

    - What parts of your outfit do you most like?  
    I really like the roses and butterflies featured in the design. I'm wearing a one-piece dress as an inner layer to create a bustle kind of effect.

    - Misako's feeback / comments
    Her rhinestone eyelashes are just gorgeous. The popular Korean brand LIEF is very light and doesn't crease. If you are interested in Korean brands, make sure to check-out Baroque. Their designs have a classic, mature lolita look that is very in right now. There are also lots of kawaii brands coming out of China at the moment.



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