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The Fourth Annual asianbeat 4Koma Manga Contest - Winners-


    From December 1st to January 20th 2016, we accepted submissions for 'The Fourth Annual asianbeat 4Koma Manga Contest' and received a total of 166 entries. Of these, we selected 96 different pieces to be cast into an online popular vote (January 28th 2016 - February 28th, 2016) and critiqued by a panel of the experts. Below we announce the winner of our Grand Prize, For outside Japan Prize, Fukuoka Award, Kitakyushu Manga Museum Award, and asianbeat Award.

    Grand Prize!

    Grand Prize
    Title:Freedom (自由)

    Judges' Comments:
    -It's really easy to understand what is going on in this depiction of modern day life.
    -The use of the red line is something that is really new and interesting.

    For outside Japan Prize!

    For outside Japan Prize
    Title: Workplace 2 (会社2)
    Artist: Randal

    Judges' Comments:
    -This is such a great depiction of our sense of time!
    -It is a really interesting and clever work that anyone can understand, regardless of where they come from.

    1. After 8 hours of work
    2. After 12 hours of work
    3. After 16 hours of work
    4. After 24 hours of work

    Fukuoka Award

    Fukuoka Award
    Title: Yamakasa (山笠)
    Airtist: ぴーぴ

    Judges' Comments:
    -It's a really interesting representation of Fukuoka!
    -It does a really good job in discovering the charm of, and unveiling a different side to Yamakasa!

    Kitakyushu Manga Museum Award!

    Kitakyushu Manga Museum Award
    Title: Kaigo Monogatari (介護物語: A Tale of Care Work)

    Judges' Comments:
    -This unique portrayal of the importance of care work is really interesting.
    -The lovely sweet nature of the older woman makes this a truly irresistible piece of art.

    asianbeat Award!

    asianbeat Award
    Title: Dream Scenario vs Real Life cosplay edition (理想vs现实 cosplay篇)

    -This is a skillfully produced piece. I'm looking forward to the next installment.
    -The use of color is very refined and elegant, it's a really top work.

    [Translatrion] Cosplay: Dream Scenario vs Real Life
    1. Everything's just right. Perfect expression!
    2. More stylish than you could have asked for!
    3. The background's just how you like it!
    4. Look at the camera... But real life is cruel and never quite so perfect!
    (In the background there are people getting in the car)

    To the right hand side of the comic strip...
    Photographer: Hey that's my camera!
    Cosplayer: Why doesn't it look how I wanted! Smash (as she throws the camera to the floor)!



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    • * Winner announced! A set of a set of a pouch and a press sheet!