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Brewery List [Chikuho Area] (1/7)

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    14. Towatari Shuzo (戸渡酒造): "Sake specific to the local area, stirring memories of a time now passed"


    Recommended Sake from the Brewery:

    # 1
    Hikosan Tenguzake Daiginjo
    (英彦山 天狗酒 大吟醸)

    14_1.jpgThe name of this sake derives from folklore of Hikosan, one of Japan's three sacred mountains. This dream-like sake is especially well known in Fukuoka prefecture, because it is hard to get your hands on. It is only sold in 4 places in the vicinity of Mount Hikosan including this brewery.

    Made with only rice and malted rice, this sake is brewed using the Ginjo-zukuri method at a low temperature and is perfect pre-meal tipple.
    # 2

    14_2.jpgLeave to chill for around an hour for a sharp, clean taste.

    * Basic Information

    Brewery Name: Towatari Shuzo (戸渡酒造株式会社)
    Official Website: None
    Address: 1448 Soeda, Oaza, Soeda machi, Tagawa-gun, Fukuoka ken
    Phone Number: 0947-82-0027
    Tour of brewery: Not Available
    Kurabiraki (Cellar Opening): Not Available
    Sake sold on site: Available
    Transportation: Approximately 10 minute walk from Soeda Station, JR Hitahikosan Line.
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