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Attending Events!(2/3)

    Atttending Events!
    Many cosplayers will know what it’s like attending an event sleep-deprived because they were up all night worrying about things they might have forgotten to prepare. Another common one is staying up late making costumes and props and then frantically applying the finishing touches right up until the last minute before having to leave the house. So that you don’t fall victim to the last-ditch mad rush before your first event, we’ve prepared this checklist to at least try to help alleviate some of your nerves!

    What to prepare the day before

    衣装、靴、小道具 Costumes, shoes, accessories<br />
    Costumes, shoes, accessories

    ヘアピン、ヘアゴム Hairpins, hair elastics
    Hairpins, hair elastics

    Money (Including fees for event tickets, transportation, etc.)
    wig, wig net
    wig, wig net

    make-up tools
    make-up tools

    a big bag
    鏡(自立するものがグッド)standing mirror
    standing mirror

    カメラ camera

    Helpful items to take

    Lip balm, cotton swabs, makeup remover wipes
    If you try and do your makeup at the venue in a frantic rush, more often then not it will end in disaster. And there’s no time to completely re-do your entire makeup either! But if you do need to remove a bit of makeup and re-do a small area, a bit of lip balm on a cotton swab will do the trick.

    Also, making the trip home in full cosplay makeup can be a bit awkward sometimes. So if you want to avoid all that, just keep a pack of makeup remover wipes on hand and scrub down before heading home.
    Heatstroke from dehydration is an important one to watch out for, especially in summer! There are times when you can’t leave a venue in full cosplay attire to buy a drink from the convenience store or vending machine, so it’s best to buy one before going in. (Rules and designated eating/drinking spaces differ at each event, so you should ask the staff for exact details.)

    Essentials Bag
    There’s so much stuff to take that people tend to want to throw everything into one bag, but you’ll want to have your camera, a drink, and your valuables with you inside, so it’s a whole lot easier if you leave your main bag with your change of clothes in it at the baggage holding service and keep a smaller bag on you with your essentials in it throughout the day.

    Safety pins, double-sided tape, quick-drying glue, etc.
    Your outfit and props that were in perfect form when you left the house can start to come apart amidst all the frivolities at an event. With these items on hand you can make emergency repairs in next to no time at all.

    Business Cards
    Cosplayers will often trade business cards with each other at these events, listing their names (cos-names), social media accounts, and links to sites where you can view their cosplay photos. It isn’t rude to not have a business card, but it does make for a good icebreaker.

    If you’re going to wear a wig for an extended period of time, you’re going to get wig-hair! (The wig version of hat-hair.)
    Once you take off your wig the hair underneath is going to be flat or sticking out and just looking all kinds of ridiculous. Sure you could try and fix it…or you could just take a hat and save yourself a world of trouble.



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