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Doing your makeup(1/6)

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You’ve got your outfit and your wig, now it’s time to learn how to do your makeup! Makeup that captures the characteristics of the character you’re playing is going to make your cosplay even more believable and raise the level of quality in your favor! Find makeup that complements your skin tone and tart building up your collection of necessities, like foundation, eye shadow, eye liner, blush, and lipstick, in preparation for your big cosplay debut. Take a look and see what cosplayer and asianbeat editorial staff member Asami carries around in her makeup pouch, and then watch cosplayers Misa Misa and Koyomi give step-by-step instructions in their cosplay makeup tutorial!

Makeup Tools & Techniques!


Cosplay makeup by Misamisa (みさみさ)

Steins;Gate 椎名まゆり Mayuri Shiina
Makeup for Mayuri Shiina from Steins;Gate
VOCALOID 初音ミク Hatsune MikuMakeup for VOCALOID Hatsune Miku

Cosplay makeup by Koyomi (こよみ)

Maho Shojo Madoka MagikaMakeup for Madoka Kaname from "Maho Shojo Madoka Magika" ("Puella Magi Madoka Magica" or "Magical Girl Madoka Magica")
Free! 七瀬遥Makeup for Haruka Nanase (Free!)
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