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[Cosplayers Laboratory] - Japan - #006 Kousaka Yun

[Cos Lab] - Japan -
The Japanese version of Cos Lab began in 2011 when asianbeat joined forces with "TOP koukou" (TOP high school) - a community put together by Chinese cosplay magazine, "Cos TOP." asianbeat English is now on board and we will be introducing you to some of the biggest and brightest stars of the cosplay industry today!

Cosplayer #006 is hugely popular in Japan and abroad: Kousaka Yun.

Cosplayer #006 - Kousaka Yun (香坂ゆん)

This time we are introducing Kousaka Yun, a cosplayer so popular she is already receiving invites to international cosplay events. One glance at her cosplay outfits will surely make your heart skip a beat! The Photo Gallery below is absolutly brimming with this girl's charm, take a look!
・Cos Name: Kousaka Yun
・Cosplay History: 5 years
・Current Location: Kantou Area, Japan


Kousaka Yun - Photo Gallery

Click the photo to go to Photo Gallery.
Kousaka Yun - Photo Gallery
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