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[Cosplayers Laboratory] - Korea - #008 AZA MIYUKO

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One of asianbeat's most popular corners: "Cosplayers Laboratory" is back with more! In response to popular demand, we at asiabeat have put together a new installment of "Cosplayers Laboratory" - the Korean Edition. Both within Korea and all around the world, these cosplayers are well-known and some of the best, so please stay tuned!

Cosplayer #008- AZA MIYUKO

In this eighth installment, we will be introducing you to AZA MIYUKO who has just this year participated in the "World Cosplay Summit" held in August as one of the Korean representatives! She became extremely poplular with her "Kuroneko" cosplay in Japan but at this event you will be able to see a wide variety of characters so be sure not to miss it!
DOB: April 16
Cosplay History: 8 years
Current Location: Seoul, Korea
Hobby: Watching animes
Best Cos Character: Conan (Detective Conan)
・Cure No. :244247
Aza Miyuko 日台 粉絲網頁
Miyuko Cosplayer
・World Cosplay:

AZA MIYUKO - Photo Gallery


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AZA MIYUKO イベントインフォメーション



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