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[Cosplayers Laboratory] - Thailand - #008 Onnies

Cosplayers Laboratory Thailand
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The Thai version of the hugely popular "Cosplayers Laboratory" is back for 8th time! The most recent installment of the series focuses on Onnies, a cosplayer who enjoys recreating things that do not exist in real life! Read-on to find-out more and take a look through the photo gallery to see Onnies in action!

Cosplayers No.8 Onnies

- Cos Name: Onnies
- D.O.B.: 29th June
- Cosplay History: 10 years
- Current Location: Bangkok, Thailand
- Best Cos Characters: C.C. (CODE GEASS)
- Cosplay Expenses: It depends on the outfit. Approximately 500 to 10,000 baht (1,700 to 35,000 yen).

- WorldCosplay:
- Facebook:
- Twitter:@Onniesm
- Instagram:
Hello, my name is Onnies. Although I have been cosplaying quite a long time, I still feel like I am a bit inexperienced. I'm working now, but I am determined to continue having fun with this hobby. I have also been invited to overseas events, which were so much fun. I want to continue cosplaying in the future and try to become even better.

Onnies Photo Gallery

Onnies Photo Gallery
One of Thailand's only cosplay magazines, began publishing in 2010. Features all the latest cosplay news, practical DIY information, as well as photographs from events taking place in Thailand.

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