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World Cosplay Summit 2009. Cosplayers from 15 countries descend on Nagoya!

The World Cosplay Summit 2009 was held in Nagoya from August 1 to 3.
It is the seventh World Cosplay Summit after it commenced in 2003. The summit aims to contribute to promoting international exchange of Japanese youth culture through manga and anime.

This year Australia and Finland attended to make a total of 15 countries, the biggest number yet.
On August 2 the World Cosplay Championship was held in front of an excited 12,000 visitors.

Winning teams from each country had three minutes to perform. Teams were judged on costume, performance, creativity entertainment value and how close they were to the original work.
World Cosplay Summit 2009
The winners were the Japanese representatives YuRiE, a pair who performed cosplay of Sengoku BASARA. It was the first time that Japan had won the championship.

Runners up was the Candy Candy team from Spain, with the Brother Award going to the American team CARDCAPTOR SAKURA.

It was an event that gave you the feeling that anime and Japanese pop culture has crossed the boundaries of language and country becoming common culture in the world.
World Cosplay Summit 2009

World Cosplay Summit 2009 - Photo Reports

Click each image to read the repots.
Photo report -part1-
Photo report -part2-
Photo report -part3-
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