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Vocaloid Cosplayer Diary ~Aim~(1/2)

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Aim in fukuoka ^^

Boarding a plane from Thailand to come to Fukuoka was actually a first for me. I had never been on a plane or been overseas until now…
I visited Japan with my Mom and I was so excited for this trip from the moment we landed in Fukuoka. After I long flight I was feeling rather peckish so the first thing we ate after landing…ramen! The service at the restaurant was excellent, you could choose how you wanted your ramen prepared, and most importantly, the taste was amazing. I love ramen!!!!!!!!!!! I’m not that fond of vegetables ^^” so I ordered my ramen without any in it (see pic below). I became a fan after the first mouthful and fell in love with Japan from that point on. ><”


Shopping in Fukuoka

I love shopping. In Tenjin I found 100 Yen shops and a variety of other stores where I bought a whole heap of stuff. So much so that I can barely remember myself. ^0^”

On the day before I had to return home to Thailand I visited a store that sells a range of cosplay accessories, manga, and a whole range of other goods, called “Mandarake.” This store was full of kawaii things and the cosplay attire was also really impressive.^^”I hope I get the chance to come back here to do some more shopping again one day.^0^/

Before the Event

I visited Tenman Shrine in Dazaifu. One thing I found interesting at this shrine in Dazaifu was the custom of throwing coins into an offertory box. I threw 3 coins into the box but people around me kind of looked at me funny. Apparently you’re only supposed to throw one coin, I found out. But I had a whole bunch of coins and so I decided to throw one of each in (lol). My mom came along with me on this day, as did KANAME, quite a well known character in the cosplaying world, and we got some photos together.

aim2.jpg aim3.jpg

Asia vocaloid festa

I was so nervous when it came time to perform – even at the rehersals and while waiting for my turn back stage.^^ But once the contest was over I gradually began to relax as everyone else in the group were truly, truly special people.><”
Szu, the Japanese representative, is a really good singer and I really liked her.>0<”Of course I really liked all the other representatives too though. The Taiwan representatives, misa and neneko were so cute, and the South Korean representatives, caruto and rikert were also really cute and quite funny. The person I REALLY liked, though, was…caruto! He is incredibly cute! Even though he’s a boy, his Hatsune Miku cosplay is far cuter than anything I could achieve!!!!
The Chinese representatives, wanwan and rei, were really beautiful. The Vocaloid Festa representatives, Ueda and Haruno’s “Gekokujo (kan)” song was amazing. Secretly I was quite surprised they picked such a fast song. Then there was the Fukuoka representatives, Noraneko and Rou who’s dance was rather amusing, and the “Romeo and Cinderalla” song that the Hong Kong representatives, miyabi and pipichu, was spot on! These two were also really cute. I love Miku and Meiko.^^”
What I want to say to everyone is, I love you all. I’m so thankful to everyone for looking after me and treating me like a little sister!^0^/

aim4.jpg aim5.jpg
aim6.jpg aim7.jpg
aim8.jpg aim9.jpg
aim10.jpg aim11.jpg

Event in the Park =[]=”

After our performances were over we went to Tenjin Central Park where I sang a song with KIPI. KIPI is a cosplay idol of mine so I was so excited that I got to meet her and sing with her!!! After that was the “Odotte mita” event, but I’m not that great a dancer and it’s not something I like to show people…
In the park I met up with KANAME and Kan – both of whom are well known cosplayers. Looking at the photos of this event later on I realized just how many people turned up to participate. Cosplaying like this in Japan was a completely new experience for me. ^0^/


After the Event

We all went out to dinner together to an izakaya.

aim13.jpg aim14.jpg
aim15.jpg aim16.jpg
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