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Vocaloid Cosplayer Diary ~Yuegene Fay~(1/2)

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First time in Fukuoka (>w<)~<3//

I really, really wanted to visit Fukuoka ever since a friend of mine told me how unique the place is. So I was over the moon that I finally got this chance to see it for myself.
I visited Fukuoka in mid-October and found that the temperature was far more pleasant than I expected. I thought it would be much colder. But for one of the days I was there it rained the whole day and made getting around quite hard.

First I checked out the city. Fukuoka is a very fashionable city and I was impressed by all the individual styles people wore. For dinner I went to a famous ramen restaurant.
At this particular restaurant you can adjust the flavor of the ramen to your own liking. I asked for extra garlic in mine and you can even request how boiled you like your eggs! It struck me how considerate people are in Fukuoka. (^^)b

Food on the brain at Dazaifu Tenman Shrine (lol)

On the second day of the trip we visited Tenman Shrine in Dazaifu. There were a lot of other people there sight-seeing also. I really liked the “Tai-yaki” that I tried there, even though the filling inside was completely different to what I was expecting.
On that day, there just so happened to be a wedding being held at the shrine so I was lucky that I got to see a Japanese style wedding ceremony as well. It was really beautiful. The bride and groom looked so happy. I have no idea who you are but may you have a happy life together.
I also wrote down a wish that I made on a wooden plaque (customary at Japanese shrines), but I just hope that God can read Thai.
● The path to Tenman Shrine in Dazaifu.
● Washing hands to cleanse oneself.
● Along the path were rows of stalls selling food.
● A lot of the stalls were selling these “Umagaemochi” – a local delicacy.
● There were so many different types of food available, even soft-serve ice-cream of a variety of colors and flavors. I wanted to try them all! (Too many photos of food perhaps? (Lol)
● I tried “Omikuji” and drew out the “Great Luck” fortune.
● A Japanese wedding.
● Wooden plaque for making wishes. Dear God, I hope you can read Thai…
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