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Vocaloid Cosplayer Diary ~Miyabi~

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Diary of Hong Kong's Miyabi ~XDDD

On my first day in Fukuoka, after checking into the hotel and dropping off my luggage, I immediately made my way to the nearest convenience store to get something to eat. Unlike convenience stores in Hong Kong, in Japan there is such a variety of items to choose from, especially the sweets and desserts. I bought a pudding and some snacks and headed back to the hotel. I decided then that I had to have pudding every day during my stay. =.=+ 

On the second day we went sightseeing in Dazaifu. I did “omikuji” and pulled out a “relatively lucky” fortune! (Not bad, right!) We ate a rather luxurious lunch and then at night we had a party with all the other cosplayers where we decided the order of the performances for the event the next day. I drew the 8th place spot. (In China this is a lucky number because the pronunciation of the number eight in Chinese sounds just like the word for “rich,” so I thought it might be a good sign.) Of course on the way back to the hotel I stopped in at the convenience store to buy more treats.~XD

On the third day nerves kicked in as it was the day of the contest. Thankfully I got through my performance as well as I could have hoped for though. In the afternoon we made our way to Tenjin Central Park. It was a really big park! But after a day of walking around in high-heels my feet were killing me so I sat down on the grass for a bit of R&R. Grass is so great, isn’t it! Later on we all took part in the “everybody dance” (“minna de odottemita”) event and had a blast. At the end of the day all the cosplayers got together for a final meeting and then all went out to dinner together. Dinner was so much fun and we may have gotten a little carried away…just a bit. ~XDD

On my fourth and final day in Fukuoka I went on a shopping spree!! I bought a whole range of anime goods – for much cheaper than what you would pay in Hong Kong mind you! I also bought a bunch of “hiyoko” as souvenirs and took them home to eat with my family. They tasted so good and they were really cute as well…so cute in fact that I felt a little guilty eating them. I would love to go back to Fukuoka again if I get the chance. The food in Fukuoka is amazing and the people are really friendly too. >W<



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