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”DRUM TAO" × "ALL MY LOVING" Collaboration Report(1/15)

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    One of the most dynamic performances in the history of FACo!


    One of the highlights from the show was the Japanese taiko drum collective "DRUM TAO" and the couture denim brand "ALL MY LOVING" taking to the runway for special collaboration on the FACo stage!

    The collaboration took place on the second stage (the FACo show was divided into 3 sections/stages), after ALL MY LOVING's "HINOMARU JEANS" collection had kicked things off. Displaying all-new collection in 5 years, the models, who were wearing outfits that captured a uniquely Japanese sense of beauty, along with the music, worked in unison to brilliantly encapsulate what both DRUM TAO and ALL MY LOVING are all about!
    (/to brilliantly encapsulate a delicate, yet powerful perspective on the world.)

    _MG_8590 - コピー.JPG

    The collaboration with DRUM TAO got under way without a moments rest. With the lights in the venue dimmed down low, the "DRUM TAO" and "ALL MY LOVING" logos flashed up on screen and the TAO drummers appeared on stage dressed in ALL MY LOVING outfits. TAO's acrobatic performance on a runway was a highlight of the day that the entire venue simply could not take their eyes off. With all 11 members on stage, this was the epitome of fashion and entertainment. Whilst showcasing ALL MY LOVING's brand new collection, this collaboration will surely go down as one of the most dynamic performances in the history of FACo!  

    >> "DRUM TAO X "ALL MY LOVING" Collaboration Report - Cont'd.

    "ALL MY LOVING's" Seiji Amamoto shares his views on how the show went!

    In preparing for this show with DRUM TAO, did any difficulties arise? Were there any episodes that have stayed with you?

    From the very first time I saw DRUM TAO performing on stage, I had a clear vision for how I wanted the show to be. So the most difficult aspect was the time management. Creating and developing 16 different styles in 1 month was a challenge that was so much more difficult than what we have done for previous FACo shows (lol)!

    What really struck me was that when we first contacted the TAO office about the possibility of working on a collaboration, even though it was a sudden request, I was able to meet personally with the president of the company and he really listened to what I had to say and carefully considered my ideas for the show. Furthermore, in order for this collaboration to be able to take place, the entire FACo management team was incredible helpful. More than anything it was everyone's passion and kindness that made the strongest impression on me. Also, when I went to "TAO Village" for a costume fitting, I got lost in the mountains and the members of TAO came to meet me and picked me up (lol)!

    The show's just finished, how did you think it went? What are your thoughts?

    Well, in any case, we're so grateful to everyone that's collaborated with us! We put together a collection with a team, including models and staff, of over 50 people. If it wasn't for everybody's help and co-operation, we would not have been able to put on such a great show. I was so happy that the audience gave us a huge round-of-applause once the show was finished. That was the first round-of-applause that we have received out of the 6 times that we have been at FACo. I really felt at that moment that we succeeded in conveying to the audience the production team's vision for the show!

    Could you share what your future plans are from here on? And do you have a message for your fans throughout the world?

    This collaboration was a celebration of the all-new collection in 5 years of the "HINOMARU JEANS" line, which is ALL MY LOVING's classic denim range. In the future we want to further expand the development of "HINOMARU JEANS!" We hope to continue to spread the appeal of the "denimxHakata-ori" (denim mixed with traditional Hakata textile) style throughout Asia! ALL MY LOVING clothes can be found in the studio/shop "atelier407," which is based in Daimyo, Fukuoka, the official online shop, as well as "HAKATA JAPAN" on the 1st floor of Hakata Riverain, so when you are next in Fukuoka please stop by and check us out!

    - Official on-line
    - HAKATA

    "DRUM TAO's" Takuya Era shares his thoughts on the show!

    In preparing for this show with ALL MY LOVING, did any difficulties arise? Were there any episodes that have stayed with you?

    We perform on over 400 stages in and outside of Japan per year. It (the collaboration with "ALL MY LOVING") was something completely fresh and new as it was so different from our usual stage show, where we perform for the audience as musicians, using traditional Japanese musical instruments. The most important issue for this performance was to represent (ALL MY LOVING's) brand concept, which fuses traditional Hakata-ori textile and the latest fashion, with a TAO flavour.

    The show's just finished, how did you think it went? What are your thoughts?

    Standing on the stage as models was a completely different sensation for us, so we were a bit apprehensive, but it was a really fun experience. In our performances we use Japanese taiko drumming as a means of expressing numerous different emotions through musical instruments, but without using lyrics and melodies. Also, as a model you literally express yourself through your physical being, so I felt there are many similar aspects in the way we express ourselves on the stage! In the future, we're planning to expand and broaden our range of activities, this experience has been a great incentive for us!

    Could you share what your future plans are from here on? And do you have a message for your fans throughout the world?

    Do you have a message, or information about any plans in the pipeline for your fans, both inside and outside of Japan?

    From May we finally hit the road with our new stage production "Hyakkaryoran Nihon Drum Emaki" and will be touring across Japan. We will be starting in local areas throughout the prefectures of Kyushu, before building up to performances across the country, and that will also include a long-run in Tokyo.

    The costumes for the show have been designed by fashion designer Junko Koshino, which means that every time we perform on stage we will also be putting on a fashion show! Furthermore, in a first of its kind, this year's performance sees us welcome director Amon Miyamoto, and transforming the highly sophisticated, strikingly dignified, and traditional yet modern, eye-catching Edo style Japanese Taiko drum performance, into an up-to-date, brand-new stage performance. So please come along and experience Japanese entertainment! We will be waiting at a venue near you!

    DRUM TAO Official Website (*Schedule page)

    For further information check the schedule page at the DRUM TAO Official,
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