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POWER OF GIRLS from TOKYO Vol.05 galaxxxy Director – Kishi Hiromi(1/3)

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photo+intervew: Taguchi Maki (MIG) / text: Natsume☆Chie (MIG)

On December 9th 2012, iconic Japanese street-wear brand, “galaxxxy,” launched their new branch in Hachioji (Tokyo), called “galaxxxy Café.”
Just as the name suggests, this latest addition to the “galaxxxy” family is a café and also signals their first foray into the restaurant industry.

“galaxxxy” was established in Shibuya in 2007 and has since expanded its operations, operating out of four stores located in Shibuya and Harajuku. The brand’s image is loud, in your face and crazy fun, incorporating elements of anime, art and music to form what can only be described as “new street” style. They have a solid base of loyal fans and their collaboration with the anime series “Mahou no Tenshi Kuriimi Mami” (Creamy Mami, the Magic Angel), the first line of which was released in 2008, is said to have started the apparel-brand-meets-anime-character boom in Japan. With its high impact designs, the “galaxxxy” name spread through the streets, the press and the online communities to become the popular brand it is today, respected by people all over the world. With recent shows and exhibitions successfully being carried out in Europe and the US, their international endeavors seem to be just beginning.

I made my way out to Hachiouji Station in the Tokyo suburbs to attend “galaxxxy Café’s” pre-opening. Despite being located in a bustling shopping district, Hachiouji maintains a rather somber feel. A short walk from the station and I found myself standing before a sign that read “galaxxxy Café.” Full of excitement I climbed the stairs to the second floor, and as I opened the door to the “galaxxxy Café” it was as though I had stepped into a completely different world! The place just oozed “galaxxxy.”
A large illustration of a kawaii girl adorns one of the walls, an array of colorful sweets line the ice-cream topping case and anime and idol songs stream from the speakers. The space seats roughly 40 people and a DJ booth in the corner suggests the potential to host a decent party. I’m shown to a sofa by one the staff with a friendly smile, completely in awe of this “galaxxxy” world that I’ve been submerged in.
Before long I’m greeted by the bright and bubbly “galaxxxy” creator and director, Kishi Hiromi, and she orders me something from the menu.
I spoke with Kishi Hiromi about “galaxxxy Café” and about the journey she has taken, from the beginnings of “galaxxxy” to where she is today.

Interview with “galaxxxy” director, Kishi Hiromi (galaxxxy Café report)

galaxxxy7.jpg     galaxxxy8.jpg
● The entrance to "galaxxxy Café."
● Personalize your ice-cream with over 30 different toppings and sauces.
● The shop is decorated with anime figures, “galaxxxy” products and items by various illustrators.
Taguchi Maki: Congratulations on the opening of “galaxxxy Café”! It’s very “galaxxxy”; very kawaii!

Kishi Hiromi: Thank you! It’s actually just the pre-opening, though. We’ll have the real opening in 2013 and put on a reception party. It should be fun!

Taguchi Maki: Was this all put together in a hurry by any chance?

Kishi Hiromi: We made it in 3 weeks!
● galaxxxy pancakes (※1)
● The Milky Way inspired galaxxxy soda float.
Taguchi Maki: That’s fast! Did you already have some idea of the kind of café you wanted to create?

Kishi Hiromi: Yes, but not so much of a café as a sweets shop! I thought it would be cute to sell things like doughnuts and cupcakes and cookies – things that fit in with the “galaxxxy” image. I wanted to make colorful sweets in the same way I make colorful clothes, so I’ve been talking with various people and dreaming about it for the past 2 years.
Then one day, I heard that our company would be remodeling one of the café’s that we manage. At first we were consulting with the café manager but halfway through we were given the reigns and allowed to give it the complete galaxxxy makeover. And that’s how “galaxxxy Café” was born!
Taguchi Maki: It’s certainly kawaii! I love how the galaxxxy pancakes (※1) come with an iced-cookie of a cartoon Saturn character and crunchy cotton candy. Not only cute, but fun as well! It’s very “galaxxxy.” The pancakes are sweet and warm and they taste really good too!

Kishi Hiromi: Hehe (^^) Thank you! This is just the first “galaxxxy Café,” though! Next time I want to make it bigger; incorporate it into a clothing store.

Taguchi Maki: In your other stores so far, you’ve displayed artworks, sold music CDs and really introduced a whole variety of ways in which people can enjoy the “galaxxxy” world. So if you added a café to the mix, it would probably create an even more interesting space still.

Kishi Hiromi: I just want to try and explore the ways in which the “galaxxxy” concept can be applied to all the various aspects of everyday life.
● galaxxxy SHIBUYA store.
● galaxxxy SHIBUYA109 store.
● galaxxxy in Hi-Fi & Office store.

[galaxxxy Recommended Dance Music] MAD DECENT

● Major Lazer - Free the Universe

●Miami Nights 1984 - Ocean Drive

● Unicorn Kid – Boys of Paradise

● Free To Go - Prod. Exorus Beatz (Dipset Trance Party 3 Mixtape)

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