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grignoter / HEART BREAD ANTIQUE Fukuoka Tenjin / Kirakira Cafe Tonerico(1/12)

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Misako Aoki's Timeless Trip in Fukuoka
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The name of the store "grignoter" is French and means to nibble away bit-by-bit on your food. The interior is lined with lovely handmade iced cookies and accessories. Once you're inside you can order kawaii homemade sweet dishes, such as Spring-themed fruit baskets, Summer-inspired swan ice creams and Autumnal tarte Tatins, which are served on plates that are made up to recreate stories. The theme of the decorations inside the cafe change depending on the season; when Misako Aoki visited the interior was "Alice in Wonderland" inspired. All the lolitas that visit are completely taken with this little gem, which really makes you feel like you are inside a picture book!

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Address: 202 Maison Yakuin 4-2−13 Yakuin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi
Telephone and Fax number: 092-523-2788
Opening hours: 12:00-18:30 (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)
Official website:
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