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Non-Japanese customers make up 40%! UT STORE HARAJUKU is booming!

A new idea for “HARAJUKU souvenirs” in Pop Culture.

The UNIQLO-owned T-shirt boutique, 'UT STORE HARAJUKU.' is a popular store based on a concept,“to be the futuristic convenience store for T-shirts”.

With their monthly-introduced new T-shirts, this boutique offers more than 500 items throughout the year. They are aspiring to become a store that offers 'new HARAJUKU souvenirs' in 'HARAJUKU', Japan’s trendsetting town.
UT STORE HARAJUKU. is now offering T-shirts featuring popular cartoons or video games. You won’t need to be a hardcore character fan to be able to enjoy the hip T-shirts with popular character designs.

40% of the customers at the store are non-Japanese; furthermore, 80% of them are from the neighboring countries of Asia. 'Animations','Video games', and 'Traditional Japanese patterns' are particularly popular. You can also find a lot of young customers purchasing T-shirts as souvenirs. All in all, the ardor for the Japanese pop culture is inevitably growing, especially in Asian countries.






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