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Tokyo public school bags – a symbol of fashion!

These days more and more high school girls are using their school bag as a fashion item.
As long as your bag complies with the school description you can choose your bag style and brand, or even use a different school’s bag. This has led to a number of types of bags coming to the fore.
Popular makers are EAST BOY and PLAYBOY.
They quickly sell out at school goods stores and are popular items on net auctions.

Other popular bags are from exclusive private schools such as Keio High School and Hosei High School.
And the Tokyo Municipal Katakura High School bag has recently become popular.

Worldpegasus brand bags come in a variety of colours and cute designs. They are big, cheap and strong, making them popular among high school girls.

The popular Katakura HS bag

Katakura High School bag
Katakura High School bag
Katakura High School bag
Uniforms are popular these days as well. The number of specialty stores that sell original ribbon ties and cardigans is increasing.

Japanese high school girl fashion is experiencing a boom among young girls in Thailand and Taiwan.

School uniform regulations can be strict, but the way girls adjust their look within these strict rules – turning their uniforms into a cute outfit - gives birth to new culture. And this culture is spreading throughout Asia.



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