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Can girls pop culture save Japan’s economy!?

To commemorate the 35th anniversary of Seven Eleven and Hello Kitty the two have joined together to create the “Momoeri Meets Hello Kitty” project.

Everyone knows Hello Kitty, the popular Sanrio character. As of 2009 50,000 Hello Kitty items are on sale throughout the world in 70 countries.

Momoka Eri, AKA Momoeri, is a popular model who debuted in the magazine Koakuma Ageha.

Her official blog boasts an average of 2 million page views daily. Not only is she cute and fashionable, but she is a mother of one who manages a business.

She is also known as a big Hello Kitty fan.
The collaborative items are on sale throughout Japan at Seven Eleven stores and on the Seven Eleven web site.

The limited quantity of 2 types of straps, hair bands, decorative seals and stuffed Kitties sold out in a flash.

Net sales also sold out straight away too.

In these days of recession where the purse strings are tight, pop culture items seem to be selling like hot cakes.

An “M” embroided on the back side of the Momoeri Kitty-chan. Momoeri Kitty strap.



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