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Submit your Lolita Tea Party Photo!


    We are looking for Lolita Fashionistas that can send us photos of their Lolita tea parties!

    Please read the following carefully before submitting:

    Submit your Tea Party Photos!

    We’re looking for Tea party photos in Lolita fashion. Please send us your favorite shots! Photos will be selected and posted here, under “Lolita Tea Party” in near future!

    [Application Rules] (About 10 to 25 photos per application is ideal)
    ・Only photo applications are accepted. Image size should be a minimum of 2 MB per photo, more than 5 million pixel size and JPEG format.
    ・All the photos you submit must require the permission of everybody in the photos under the portrait right act, so be sure everyone has consented to the use of this photo.
    ・The photos must NOT be obscene or depict any potentially offensive content to the public or otherwise.
    ・asianbeat relinquishes all responsibility of any disputes that may arise and applicants must take full liability for all of the photos they submit. If a third-party demands compensation or otherwise for infringement, misuse, etc., it shall be resolved by the candidates themselves. asianbeat, bears no responsibility.

    If you have any questions, please email us!
    (Please use above email address for submission, too! )

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