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"ranKing ranQueen" weekly ranking & this week’s new products

Beach goods ranking for the week
by ranKing ranQueen(2010.7.12~2010.7.18)


The hotter it gets the more you want to hit the beach!

It’s the middle of summer, and the heat seems to make you long for the beach. For those people we will bring you a few fun and handy beach products. Take it easy on the beach, listening to music, and have even more fun as you dive in the ocean.

Stay comfortable on the beach!

01_bana_small.gifoshiri_makura2 .jpg

Seat pillow (pink)
おしりまくら (ピンク)¥504
Manufacturer :LIEB Corporation

The No 1 product is the seat pillow with its soft and easy feel on the back side. Perfect to protect you from the hot sand and rocks. Doesn’t absorb water, has a soft touch and great for watching sport or even sitting on the side of the bath.

Waterproof Speaker

02_bana_tagengo.gifspeaker3 .jpg

Petite Pomme
Manufacturer :Hashimoto

No 2 is the “Petite Pomme”, which is small speaker case that comes complete with amp. Just plug in your music player and put it inside the case and you can enjoy your favorite tracks on the beach. It’s waterproof, so as long as you close the cap properly water won’t matter.

Operate your phone even with wet hands

03_bana_tagengo.gifランキンランキン0730 013.jpg

Waterproof everyday case RBCWQW1 White
Manufacturer :RASTA BANANA

Coming in at No 3 is the “waterproof everyday case”, a water-resistant film case which can hold your mobile phone - just right for outdoor activity. You can operate your phone and speak when it is in the case, not having to worry about water. You can even fold your phone in the case.

Beach goods ranking for the week

potetong.jpgMunch on potato chips without getting greasy fingers!

“Potatong” (Potatochips Tongue)
(Vendor: Kawashima Industry Co., Ltd. / Price: ¥399)

When you eat potato chips and other such snacks your fingers tend to get greasy. This is where the “Potatongs” come in handy – a pair of tongs that work just like chopsticks making it easy to pick up light snacks when you’re reading a book or working on the PC – won’t make your hands or the keyboard greasy.But not only snacks, they can be used for Nori seaweed and pickles too. Sanitary design so the tong hands don’t touch the table when you put them down. Perfect for the home or office.


Chance to win!

all.jpgWe will give away a set of items ranked from 1 to 5 on the @ranKing ranQueen Fukuoka store's popularity ranking table to one lucky reader weekly.

■How to enter
Fill in the entry form including your name, address, phone number, email address and your comments on the asianbeat website.

■Entry period from July 30, to August 6, 2010

□The Announcement will be made on August 9 2010.

※We will contact winners by email.
This Weeks present was won by 張 彥博 of Taiwan. Congratulations.



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