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■ Japan Preliminary Round ■

Who will be crowned Asia's No.1 Vocaloid Cosplayer!? The "Asia Vocaloid Cosplay Championship!"
Keep checking this page for the Japan round applications ⇒ voting ⇒ results!

Asia Vocaloid Cosplay Championship! Japan Preliminary Round Schedule

■1■ Entry【August 1st (Monday) - August 31st (Wednesday) 】 
 Entries for the Japan round are being accepted via email and through Rakushow event website.
■2■ Online Popularity Vote to Decide the Regional Representative 【mid September - late September】
 Photos and performance clips of the entrants will be posted on the Asianbeat website and a popularity vote conducted.
A total of two entrants will be chosen from the Japan selection round: one entrant hailing from anywhere in Japan and another specifically from the Fukuoka region. Both will then be invited to compete at the championship in Fukuoka.

■3■ ASIA VOCALOID FESTA and the “Asia Vocaloid Cosplay Championship” 【October 23rd (Monday), 2011】  
 The candidates chosen to represent their countries via the internet voting system will convene on Fukuoka, Japan, where they will battle it out on stage and compete for the crown of Asia’s No.1 Vocaloid cosplayer!

How to Apply for the Japan Preliminary Round

■1■ Preconditions
・Entrants must be in costume that relates to one of the Vocaloid characters.
・Entrants may perform solo or partner up with another and perform as a duet. However, please note, a group of more than 2 people will NOT be accepted.

(Note: Applicants may be of any nationality but they must currently reside in Japan.)

■2■ Application Date 
 July 22nd - August 31st

■3■ What you need to prepare: 
 ① Photos of yourself in your Vocaloid costume (1 full length, 1 face only: total of 2 photos)
 ② A link to the video clip of you performing in your Vocaloid costume (please upload to YouTube or Nico Nico Douga)
  ※Note: the performance for the video clip can be dance, song, singing to your own accompaniment, or even a stop-motion playback! Anything is acceptable so be creative! (Length should be 2-5 minutes)
③ Application Form (Download HERE)*Japanese Only

■4■ Email Instructions 
 ・Send applications to:
 ・Input Subject as: “Asia Vocaloid Festa entrant application”
 ・Make sure you include the URL to your performance uploaded to either YouTube or Nico Nico Douga.
 ・Attach the two photos (1 full length, 1 face) of you wearing your Vocaloid character costume.

・Personal information will not be disclosed on our website. Uploaded information concerns character name, cosplayer history, cosplay name, and self PR only.
・Entrants’ real name, age, address, telephone number, email, etc, will not be disclosed.
・The event officials reserve the right to determine the appropriateness of the individual photos/video clips. Accordingly, those deemed inappropriate by the officials will be removed from selection.
・In the event that applications exceed the required limit, event officials reserve the right to select the entrants for the online popular ballot.

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