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The first of its kind in Kyushu! A new type of horror attraction with missions to be cleared! "SILENT ROOMS" has arrived in Fukuoka!

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It won't just be fear... Be prepared for a whole new horror experience!


Haunted houses might seem like something that you can only find during the summer months, but there's good news for any horror enthusiasts out there who might want a fun fright anytime of year!

"The top Japanese inescapable haunted house, Obaken" opened a haunted house in a quiet residential area back in 2012, which injected a new lease of life into the industry by creating stories that could be enjoyed in lots of different ways all in an unexpected location. Here, for the first time, they have teamed up with the established game maker TAITO and opened "SILENT ROOMS," a haunted house that is complete with different missions for visitors to grapple with, on Saturday 12th March 2016 in one of the most popular spots in Fukuoka, "Canal City Hakata."

"SILENT ROOMS," the first of its kind in Kyushu, is a new type of haunted house that combines elements of both horror games and escape games. There is a time limit, and different rooms to navigate through. In order to progress and move into the next section you have to solve the missions that lie waiting for you.

It won't just be the fear that you will have to contend with, as in this new horror experience there is the added factor of having to solve problems and clear missions as your time ticks away. And moreover, as is often the case with escape games, it is not a given that everyone will escape together!

The rooms inside the venue are filled with tricky traps to hold you up! There's all kinds of new and innovative challenges littered throughout this groundbreaking haunted house, so for those of you who can handle horror make sure to check-out "SILENT ROOMS," the first exhibition of fear to hit Kyushu! (Editorial Dept. Gon)

* Please note: The instructions and hints needed to clear the missions are only in Japanese.

It's scary, but you may well want to go and visit again! This is what "SILENT ROOMS" looks like from the front!

"SILENT ROOMS" (Horror Attraction)

"SILENT ROOMS" (Horror Attraction)
-Opened: Saturday 12th March 2016
-Business hours: 11:00-23:00 (last admission: 22:40)* Please note: Opening times may change
-Venue/location: 1-2-22 Canal City Hakata, Sumiyoshi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi
5F Center Walk, South Building (Ramen Stadium)
-Telephone number: 092-272-2248
1 play/game: 1,000 yen (per person)
To continue: 800 yen (per person)
1 play/game lasts 5 to 20 minutes (the progression of a game and how it unfolds can vary. It is not a given that all the members of a group will escape)

Maximum number of people per group: 5 (per game)
It is recommended that you have at least 2 people for a game.
The instructions and hints needed to clear the missions are only in Japanese.
-Planned and operated by: TAITO CORPORATION and HLC

-Everyone who escapes completely receive a limited edition commemorative badge. The first batch (111 only) were in gold. The next lot will be in red.
-Official Twitter account:

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