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Promotional video for Kawasaki-machi (Fukuoka) has been released! “Chikuho! Kawasaki-machi”

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Check-out Japanese comedian Dayu Koume dancing around Kawasaki-machi!

Did you know that municipalities and local governments throughout the whole of Japan make videos in an attempt to promote tourism in the local area, and encourage people to settle in the vicinity? Fukuoka Prefecture, the institution that runs asianbeat, also helps create these kinds of sightseeing videos. There are many areas within the prefecture producing short clips for these purposes, but for this report the focus has fallen on movie that has been shot to help boost the unique world of "Kawasaki-machi (town)." Kawasaki-machi once flourished as a coal mining town. But thanks to its rich natural surroundings, the area is now able to offer great locations to view the leaves changing color, as well delicious agricultural produce, particularly during the Autumn harvest. Located in the center of Chikuho, which is situated in the middle of Fukuoka Prefecture, the area hosts many well-known events, such as the bread-themed festival "Kawasaki Pan Paku!"

The name of the town's promo video is "Chikuho! Kawasaki-machi!" which features the popular comedian Dayu Koume who is known for the catch phrase "Chikkusho!" He was selected because of his resemblance to the Kawasaki-machi native and famous singer Koume Akasaka, who appeared at the prestigious annual music show Kohaku Uta Gassen a total of four times. The two individuals also share a similar name and the same birthday!

Musician Taiyo Higuchi (another Kawasaki-machi native who is known for "Atarimae Taiso") arranged the composition for the track used in the video, while Dienoji Ohchi (a comedian and manzai performer who has won two consecutive titles at the Air Guitar World Championships) provided the strong, powerful vocals. People may not have known so much about the town before, but Kawasaki actually has lots of charming characteristics that are worth singing about!

Once you have heard the tune, which is playing while Dayu Koume dances around the area's standout tourist attractions and events, it's sure to stick in your mind for some time! It's great to see lots of locals join in with Dayu Koume's performance at various locations around Kawasaki-machi. Our Taiwanese Kawaii Ambassadors 李玫 (Lee Mei) and 劉貴華 (Sammy), who went to visit a couple of well-known locations in the area (the Gyorakuen Garden and Laputa Farm) in March, also appear in the film!

They also did some shooting during a Bon festival dance called "Kudoki" and an event called the "Kawasaki Panpaku" (Kawasaki Bread Expo), Dayu Koume visited twice in order to record the video, which was took more than a year to put together. Some behind the scene clips have been posted on Facebook (>> here!), so be sure to check them out after you've enjoyed the completed film in full! (Editorial Dept.: canna)

Promotional video for Kawasaki-machi: “チックホー!川崎町 (Chikuho! Kawasaki-machi)”

Project Planning: Kawasaki-machi Commerce and Tourism Division, Kawasaki-machi Tourism Association, Kyodo Pocket
Photographs provided by/in co-operation with: Property of Takeo Fujikawa / Film "Koume-Neesan" Production and Screening Committee, Mukayama Shokudo, Kawasaki-machi Tourism Association
Cast: Dayu Koume (コウメ太夫), Koume-chan (Kawasaki-machi mascot character), Kawasaki-machi locals
Original song writen by: Taiyo Higuchi, Kawasaki-machi Tourism Association
Original music composed by: Taiyo Higuchi
Vocals: Daenoji Ohchi
Choreography: Toshikatsu Nireta
Produced by: KBC EIZO

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