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Why cats are now mainstream, a pondering with many pictures...(1/9)

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Let’s break down our animals into ‘Cats’ and ‘Dogs’ and analyze why cats have gained prominence over dogs.

●Ears and tail that move based upon your brain activity くnekomimi
Click here for the Cat Photo Gallery
While the world has an endless number of cats, dogs are overwhelmingly more popular to keep as pets. However, in the cyber-world and in marketing products, our feline friends are oftentimes largely favored. Having gained such mainstream popularity, it is difficult to have a proper conversation nowadays without mention of this cute creature.

For example, cat t-shirts, accessories, bags, and even ears and tails that move based upon brain waves can be found. See a collection of cat photos at this website.

●Cat Calender
At any rate, in these past several years you can see more and more cats have made their way to fame. Truth be told, I am also managing a site that involves cats.

Today, let us try and reason as to why they are so widely adored. If we start off by attempting to dissect what makes something cute or ugly, it will become an endless argument not dissimilar to that of fighting over the differences between a bamboo and mushroom mountain. Instead, I will try for an objective descriptive analysis.

The other day, I got around to asking the opinion of the largest calendar manufacturer in Japan. He explained that when dealing with canines they can vary so greatly that the differences between them can make them seem like two unrelated creatures. For example, a miniature dachshund and a Siberian husky can be thought of as two diverged species in that their facial structure and sizes are totally different to one another.

With felines, however, even if you put a calico and Persian cat into the same category nothing feels out of place.
Oftentimes, however, even amongst dog-lovers there is a great distinction made between large and tiny dogs with no such awareness being made for their cat counterparts.

Whist there may have been a bit of a boom over ‘indoor dogs’ and ‘outdoor dogs,’ it’s very difficult to get people excited about the notion of dogs as a general theme. The only exception to this would be ‘puppies.’ Everyone finds them very cute and that allows you to lump them into the same category.

Yet, kittens and their adult archetypes are not segregated in the same way. Even from a creator’s point of view cats are relatively easy to arrange for and assort. White and black cats are lavished with equal amounts of attention; but on the other hand, with canines, dog type becomes a determining factor and big and small dog breeds need to be sorted accordingly.

At the calendar section in any shop, this much will become quite obvious. Even if there is a calendar full of the Shiba dog, the selection of calendars in which you will be able to find fully grown dogs will probably be limited to ‘Inu no Kimochi.’ Funnily enough, with cats it is alarmingly rare to find a calendar that has separated them by category.

In conclusion:

- All cats can fall under the general genre of ‘cat’ and it can spread as a single force.
-Dogs are restricted based upon their breed and due to this dog-lovers tend to subdivide by preference and disperse.
And thus, the reason as to why cats have gained such widespread attention is because they have a much broader activity range.

As modern day life has it, the number of people living alone has started to increase and it’s probably those exact people who feel a distinct and lingering loneliness. If you take a single step outside, you will find that sometimes life is full of absurdities that you don’t expect. The only exception to this would be a pet that is unconditionally cute despite the fact that in some cases it may be 2-dimensional.

When you’re feeling down why not take a look at pictures of cats whether they are from the internet or real-life – it may just be what you need!

Click here for the Cat Photo Gallery

asianbeat Deputy Director – nakahara
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