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New Sellout of ONE PIECE Shokugan-figures(1/3)

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Bandai Candytoy Department has announced the sellout of 3rd & 4th memorial products for ONE PIECE shokugan "ANNIVERSARY YEAR PROJECT".
Shokugan originally refers to a combination of high quality inexpensive toys paired with a piece of candy or gum sold on confectionary shelves.
ONE PIECE shokugan
3rd products are sold in September as "Super ONE PIECE Styling - SUIT&DRESS STYLE1",4th in October as style 2.
The price is 580 Yen(excluding tax).

This series are of ONE PIECE character figures dressed in stylish suits and dresses from the image of original comic's frontispiece.

In "Super ONE PIECE Styling - SUIT&DRESS STYLE1", there are 4 kinds of figures - Monkey D. Luffy, Sanji, Nico Robin and Franky. The others - Roronoa Zoro, Nami, Usopp and Tony Tony Chopper are in "STYLE 2" sold in October.
All the members of Straw Hat Pirates will congregate after collecting all kinds of these two products.

Bandai Candytoy Department's ONE PIECE shokugan "ANNIVERSARY YEAR PROJECT" is to commemorate 10 anniversary of "ONE PIECE Collection" series & ten million shokugan sellouts of "Super ONE PIECE Styling" series.

The 1st product of this project was "Super ONE PIECE Styling - KIMONO STYLE", this was also from the image of original comic's frontispiece and Straw Hat Pirates members are in kimono (Japanese traditional clothes).
The 2nd is not from this series but from "ONE PIECE Collection". It is sold in July.
ONE PIECE shokugan
ONE PIECE shokugan
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