Fukuoka Mentsudan (Udon)(1/3)

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Fukuoka Mentsudan
Noodles, schmoodles? Obviously you've never had the good stuff! Let Fukuoka Mentsudan take care of that for you. This noodle shop, roughly translated as "group of knowledgeable noodle eaters" was originally established by a magazine editor in Kagawa Prefecture, Shikoku. In 2006, Bunpei Yuge, one of Fukuoka's most prolific food editors, brought this winning formula of cheap but tasty udon to Fukuoka.
Fukuoka Mentsudan
The noodles served here are sanuki-udon, much firmer and more square-shaped than Hakata udon, and customers can choose from a dozen varieties of hot or chilled noodles. There are two sizes, regular or large, but unless you're on a diet, we recommend the large portion!
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