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Classic Tonkotsu Ramen - Ichiran Building Introduction

    This is what the first floor looks like

    You can eat ramen on the second floor but the first floor is a dedicated space for taking souvenir photos and buying ramen related gifts and souvenirs. Beside this are for relaxing there is a walking map of the surrounding Fukuoka area.
    You can dress up in staff uniforms and take a picture (free)
    The restaurants counters also make a reappearance on the first floor.


    A map of the area surrounding the flagship restaurant in Fukuoka.
    You can borrow this bowl when you have your picture taken.

    A Special Library Room for Employees

    This room is kind of like a library; a calm space for company employees. During breaks they can read books and also borrow them. The company also keeps a popularity ranking as well as accepting requests to buy books. The space is to support employees: "People need to encounter books in order to grow" explained the Ichiran CEO.
    Ichiran tonkotsu ramen
    Ichiran TOP
    Ichiran lantern roulette
    Ichiran original goods



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