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[Cosplayers Laboratory - China edition - by asianbeat ] Special Edition - Huang Jing-Xiang (黄靖翔)

Cosplayers Laboratory
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Having garnered huge levels of attention from all over the world, Huang Jing-Xiang returns to make another appearance in "Cosplayers Laboratory!" This special edition brings you an exclusive interview with him and an array of his cosplay photos to enjoy! Read-on to find-out more about his participation at "Comic Market" in Tokyo December 2016, as well as his modeling and acting work!

-Special Edition - Huang Jing-Xiang (黄靖翔)

Huang Jing-Xiang onmyōji Abe no Seimei
- Cos Name: Huang Jing-Xiang (黄靖翔)
- DOB: 15th May
- Current Location: Hangzhou, China
- Cosplay History: About 10 years
- Best Cos Character: fairy-like characters, etc.

- Weibo:
- Twitter:
- World Cosplay Number: 604972

Huang Jing-Xiang - Photo Gallery

Huang Jing-Xiang Photo Galelry 黄靖翔

Huang Jing-Xiang - Exclusive Interview -

Huang Jing-Xiang interview 黄靖翔

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