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SUNSET LIVE prompt report


From September 3, 2010 to September 5, SUNSET LIVE2010 was held.
On Bamboo stage We invited Lily Franky for guest. “Beach sandals design award”’s award ceremony and talk show with entries of “SUNSET GIRL'S CONTEST 2010” as vote went by an Asian beat was held.

⇒Click here SUNSET GIRL'S CONTEST 2010
⇒Click here Beach sandals design award

We introduce after report of “Beach sandals design award “’s ceremony and champion announcement of “SUNSET GIRL'S CONTEST 2010”

She is the winner of “SUNSET GIRL'S CONTEST 2010”!

After the talk show on Bamboo stage, We moved to Beach stage and at last it’s time to announce
the grand prix.
The winner was choose from among web vote and 11 judge’s vote including with Lily franky.
She is the winner of “SUNSET GIRL'S CONTEST 2010”!! She won the first grand prix.

EntryNo.3 Yuki Kumamoto
88.jpg 90.jpg

⇒Click here about profile of Yuki Kumamoto


in the The talk show of SUNSET GIRL'S and Lily Franky,Kenjiro Fukamachi,
In the middle of a show, Fumi Saito & Combat-man of Domo from KBC came on the stage. popular local program"Domo" participated in war
urgrntly. Talk show was a building‐up of tension.
15.jpg 17.jpg

IMG_5990.JPG IMG_5965.JPG

Beach sandal design award

when Asian beat and Palco tie up to make SUNSET LIVE 2010 official beach sandal(Lily Franky uses this sandals too),they hold "beach sandal design award".
Award ceremony to "grand prix"Mio Zushi, "Lily Franky prize"Shinji Nasu and Harumi Iwao took place this day.

There was surprise present from Mr.Genbei in the award ceremony.

Prize winner are these three people!

●Grand prix - Mio Zushi
DSCF0140 - コピー.JPG DSCF0137 - コピー.JPG

I never expected that I could get grand prix when I applied to beach sandal design award so I was so happy to hear that I get the prize.I thought this must be dream! When I met Lily Frankie, I realized it when it was not a dream
When I met Lily Frankie, I realized this is not a dream.If I have another chance to apply again I want to try.

●Lily Franky prize - Shinji Nasu
ビーサ~2 - コピー.JPG ビーサ~1 - コピー.JPG

It was very hot on that day but it was precious memories for me to see Lily Franky and
could get beach sandal by surprise present.And Live was great too!!
Such this experience leads to growth for me so I want to apply for various contest from now on.

●Lily Franky prize - Harumi Iwao
iwao01.jpg iwao02.jpg

"Thank you for this Lily Franky prize.I'm so happy my design changed to real like this.I do what I can from now.

⇒Click here announcement of results of Beach sandals design award
⇒Click here about Asian beat×Fukuoka Palco SUNSET LIVE 2010 official beach sandals

IMG_5999.JPG IMG_6003.JPG

IMG_6008.JPG IMG_6012.JPG 

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