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Messages from asianbeat colleagues!(1/14)

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    Expanding asianbeat's circle of friendship!

    Fukuoka Prefecture, as a means of developing friendship and cultural exchange with countries and regions throughout Asia, and to draw attention to youth culture that allows people to empathize with one another and overcome the barriers of language, set up the multi-lingual website asianbeat in 2005, which already celebrates its 10th anniversary this year!

    Lots of people have been involved with the various programs that asianbeat has held, since establishment right through to the present day. Here we would like to feature some messages from our colleagues!
    Robin Pak
    劉 微
    Panteen Nakajima
    Yuka Tao
    - NEW -
    Sakurai Takamasa
    About "Asian Youth Cultural Ambassador"
    asianbeat, versed in the respective youth cultures currently in vogue in locations throughout Asia, appointed one “Asian Youth Cultural Ambassador” for each of the seven Asian cities, Seoul, Busan, Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei, Hong Kong and Bangkok.

    These Asian Youth Cultural Ambassadors served as key people in relaying information between the city they represented and Fukuoka from March 2006 to March 2008. The ambassadors, through participating in events held in Fukuoka, providing asianbeat with the latest news from their cities and dispatching news about Fukuoka at local activities, contributed to the promotion of youth cultural exchange between Fukuoka and Asia.
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