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ボートハウス 大濠パーク
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Looking for a new place to chill out in Fukuoka?

Ohori Park, which is located in the center of Fukuoka City, is a place of relaxation and recreation that many people visit throughout the year. There is a large lake in the middle of the park encircled by a lovely foot path (approximately 2km in length) that provides a jogging and cycling track, from which visitors can enjoy the surrounding natural scenery. The park has long been a popular spot for Fukuoka locals and tourists alike.

Ohori Park is well-known as a place where you can rent out a boat and go sightseeing from the lake itself. The cafes and restaurants built on the boat house premises were well known to people, and have recently been refurbished, re-opening as a complex facility called “Boathouse Ohori Park” in February of this year.

Check out the new complex, the restaurants and cafes where you can leisurely enjoy food and tea while taking in the lakeside view, as well as Boathouse Ohori Park’s other exciting new introductions, such as the American frozen yoghurt specialists Pinkberry’s first Kyushu store.

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Restaurant HANANOKI

レストラン花の木 [フレンチ]

Royal Garden Cafe
[Cafe & Restaurant]

Royal Garden Cafe [カフェ&レストラン]

[Light Meal/Shop]

PARK SHOP [軽食/ショップ]

Rental Boat

Rental Boat [貸しボート]


BOATHOUSE OHORI PARK is a restaurant, cafe, shop, and rental boat house all rolled into one and provides park-goers with a new way to enjoy the Ohori area and is a new Fukuoka attaction in and of itself.
Address: BOATHOUSE 1-3 Ohori Park,Chuo-ku,Fukuoka
Access: (By Subway) 2-minute walk from the Fukuoka City Subway Ohorikoen Subway Station Exit No.3
Premises:Restaurant HANANOKI [French], Royal Garden Cafe[Cafe & Restaurant], PARK SHOP [Light Meals / Shop] pinkberry [Frozen Yogurt], Rental Boat
Website (Japanese):



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