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美膳 麦や七蔵 (Bizen Mugiya Nanakura)

Specializing in creating dishes using barley, this very popular local restaurant combines "barley" based meals, with a firm commitment to using local Kyushu-based ingredients.

The "Mugi Mugi Hamburger Gozen" (lit: "Barley Barley Harmburger Steak Meal") is one of the most popular items on the menu, and inside the (minced hamburger) meat you can actually taste the flavor of the barley they have used. It's really delicious! And did you know barley contains around 20 percent more fiber than white rice! Their delicious, healthy menu has so much to choose from, you're sure to find a dish that's perfectly suited to your taste buds!

Bizen Mugiya Nanakura
"麦麦ハンバーグ御膳" The "Mugi Mugi Hamburger Gozen" (lit: "Barley Barley Harmburger Steak Meal")

Bizen Mugiya Nanakura

Mon"I have a real fondness for sashimi, so I went for the "Osashimi 5 shumori Gozen" (lit.: "Sashimi 5 Piece Selection Set"). The "Mugi Shoyu" ("Barley Soy Sauce") is made with the barley and sweet soy sauce from Fukuoka, which combine to really bring out the flavor of the sashimi. I was so impressed that I got to experience tastes and flavors that you can’t really find in Taiwan!"

美膳 麦や七蔵
"お刺身5種盛り御膳" "O-sashimi 5 shumori Gozen" (lit.: "Sashimi 5 Piece Selection Meal")

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