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#1 When Style and Otaku Culture Converge...!(1/3)

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Otakus @ Home
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Our very first guest on Otaku’s @ Home has been an otaku for 10 years and is currently an employee at a web consulting firm. He informs us, though, that in the past if there were any figurines or such that he wanted to buy he would use his net gaming skills and juggle 6 PC’s at a time to get them!

Aside from anime figurines he is also a collector of LEGO, BE@RBRICK, and Blythe dolls, with a showcase that boasts a number of rare collectables in extremely limited existence throughout the world. Without further ado we would like to introduce the owner of this unique and rare collection of otaku paraphernalia and his well-styled room to match!

The Room!


The Gundam figures (1 piece for 150 Yen series) were the starting point of my collection. I try to maintain my room so that it has a nice clutter-in-a-clean-environment contrast. I’m a fan of Eames furniture so I tend to buy their products quite often. I’m still having trouble getting everything just the way I want it though. Lately I’ve been thinking of replacing my regular showcase cabinets with Detolf ones.
Over the page: Q/A with the owner
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