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Futabatei (二葉亭)

    Hakata Station and Nakasu Area
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    Founded in 1977, this restaurant is committed to safeguarding the tastes of Hakata! Enjoy thick noodles in a light flavored tonkotsu broth!

    "Futabatei" is one of the many popular Hakata-style ramen restaurants located on the second floor of Hakata DEITOS. It is now a well-established eatery that has been going since the DEITOS shopping mall opened in 1977. This restaurant is committed to safeguarding ramen that has a combination of light flavored tonkotsu broth and thick noodles!

    Their home made "karashi takana" (spicy mustard greens) are prepared using a special recipe and have become one of the restaurants standout dishes! They also sell souvenirs and receive many orders from far afield.

    二葉亭 Futabatei
    二葉亭 Futabatei
    "Futabatei" has its roots in a place called "Futaba Shokudo" (canteen), which started out near Hakata station before the war. Futabatei's ramen is characterized by a combination of round noodles and soft, gente flavored tonkotsu broth, which is prepared by cooking tonkotsu bones for around five to six hours. Customers in search of the restaurant's classic taste, which has not changed since they first opened, will not be disappointed! They also serve boiled gyoza (dumplings) on top of ramen, ramen with a nitamago (flavored boiled egg), and jumbo ramen, a dish that is served with 1.5 times more noodles than usual and gives viewers the chance to enjoy all the various toppings that the restaurant offers. The menu is very impressive, so why not check it out!
    二葉亭 Futabatei
    The simple flavor of the ramen goes fantastically well with fried rice. It is also well worth trying Futabatei's special "karashi takana" on top of a bowl of plain rice. The balance is exquisite taste balance. Make sure to give it a go!!
    二葉亭 Futabatei Karashi takana
    Karashi takana
    二葉亭 Futabatei
    Ramen ... 600 yen
    (Boiled) Gyoza Ramen ... 800 yen
    Wakame Ramen ... 650 yen
    Champon Ramen ... 800 yen
    Yakimeshi Meal (ramen & yakimeshi)... 850 yen
    Kaedam (second serving of noodles)... 150 yen
    And more!

    [Take Out Menu]
    Karashi Takana (spicy mustard greens) (super spicy/mild) ... 600 yen
    二葉亭 Futabatei

    Futabatei (二葉亭)

    Address: Hakata Men-gaidou, Hakata DEITOS 2F, 1-1 Hakataeki-chuogai, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi
    Tel.: 092-441-7860
    Capacity: 27 seats
    Opening Hours: 11:00 - 22:00 (last order: 21:30)
    Closed: open seven days a week
    * All information correct as of February 2017

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