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Ramen-ya Hourin - Haruyoshi Branch (らーめん屋 鳳凛 春吉店)

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    Ramen-ya Hourin - Haruyoshi Branch (らーめん屋 鳳凛 春吉店)

    Ramen-ya Hourin - Haruyoshi Branch
    Ramen-ya Hourin - Haruyoshi Branch
    Ramen-ya Hourin - Haruyoshi Branch
    Soup: 100% tonkotsu soup. It has a rich, hearty flavor with a light after-taste.
    Noodles: Hand-made straight, thin noodles. You can choose from “cho-kata” (super hard), “kata” (hard), “kihon” (regular), or “yawa” (soft) noodles.
    Karamidare: It’s not just hot; it’s flavorsome and adds another dimension to the taste. The flavor of the soup changes completely depending on how well the karamidare (spicy sauce) is mixed in. You can choose whether you want “oome” (a lot), “kihon” (regular serving), “hanbun” (half serving) or “nashi” (none) of the karamidare too.
    Topping: The most popular topping is the “ajitsuke tamago” (seasoned egg). The yolk is nice and gooey.
    Ramen-ya Hourin - Haruyoshi Branch
    Special Ramen…¥850
    Char siu Ramen…¥740
    Kikurage Ramen…¥690
    Tsukimi Ramen…¥690
    Ajitama Ramen…¥690 >> The most popular ramen!
    Moyashi Ramen…¥690
    Mini Ramen…¥350

    Kaedama (extra noodle)…¥350
    Mini Kaedama…¥60

    Gyoza…¥350  etc..

    Ramen-ya Hourin - Haruyoshi Branch (らーめん屋 鳳凛 春吉店)

    Address: 3-21-15 Haruyoshi, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture
    TEL: 092-716-6755
    * All the information is as of January 2014.

    より大きな地図で らーめん屋 鳳凛 を表示

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