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Kajishika (かじしか)

Fukuoka Ramen Map Street Stalls
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"Kajishika" has a huge number of female fans, and is known for being an incredibly difficult place to get a reservation!

Kajishika is popular for its great variety of skewers .
Known as "Shunsai-makigushi (Skewers made with seasonal vegetables/ingredients)," these skewers wrap bacon and pork around seasonal foods, such as tomatoes, grapes, Hakata spring onions, as well as lettuce and mentai cheese, and have proved immensely popular with female guests.
Not forgetting about their classic ramen dishes, the refreshing tonkotsu soup perfectly compliments the thin Hakata noodles. This is an experience you should definitely not miss-out on! And with many customers coming from outside the prefecture, it's a great chance to make friends with people from all over the country (lol)!
Kajishika かじしか
Kajishika かじしか
Kajishika かじしか
Kajishika かじしか
Kajishika かじしか
Ramen: 600 yen

[旬菜巻串/Shunsai-makigushi (Skewers made with seasonal vegetables/ingredients)]
Lettuce mentai cheese skewer: 300 yen
Hakata spring onion skewer: 220 yen
Tomato skewer: 200 yen
Grape skewer: 200 yen

[旬魚貝串/Shun gyokai-gushi (Skewers made with fresh fish and shellfish)
Iki kuruma ebi (Kuruma/Japanese tiger prawn):
Sanma (Pacific saury/Mackerel pike): 300 yen
Tachiuo (Japanese cutlassfish): 350 yen

Here are some of the delicious foods you can find at the street stalls!

Budou-maki(Grape skewer)
Budou-maki(Grape skewer)
Shunsai-makigushi (Skewers made with seasonal vegetables/ingredients)
Shunsai-makigushi (Skewers made with seasonal vegetables/ingredients)
Tonsoku (Pig's feet)
Tonsoku (Pig's feet)

Kajishika (かじしか)

* All the information is as of November 2015. Please note: "Kajishika" closed yatai in March 31, 2017

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