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Date 4, "Let's take a stroll and explore Mojiko Retro District"

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    Let's explore "Mojiko Retro District" in Kitakyushu City! Having prospered as a trading port, today Mojiko's retro streets are very popular with both domestic and international tourists. The Kanmon Straits, between Moji and the neighboring Yamaguchi Prefecture, makes for a picturesque backdrop. With trendy cafes and stores in abundance, people from all ages can enjoy this charming place! Join me on my trip as I try on a hakama and ride a rickshaws. I will also be introducing you the shopping center "Kaikyo Plaza," and "Yaki Curry," which are hallmarks of the Mojiko area! Please read on and enjoy!
    Let's take a stroll and explore Mojiko Retro District

    Click on the photograph below to see our romantic date with Xiao Xiao Bai!
    Retro experience in a Hakama
    Shopping at Kaikyo Plaza NEW!!
    Kaikyo Plaza
    Mojiko's famous "Yaki Curry" and night-view!
    Yaki Curry
    Check-out "Mojiko HOTEL"
    Mojiko HOTEL

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