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Advanced Tickets

Price 1-day pass ¥6,500 / 3-day pass ¥15,000(towel included)
Night pass ¥5,000(※ for entry after 18:00 only) / HS, JHS students ¥4,000
*High school and junior high school students must present their student ID upon entry. Failure to do so will incur a fee of ¥2,500 to cover the difference of a regular 1-day pass.

Please note before purchasing tickets
*Tickets will not be re-issued under any circumstance. Please make sure to keep your tickets in a safe place.
*The event will not be cancelled due to rain or inclement weather unless in the event of a severe storm. Tickets will not be refunded should the event end prematurely.
*Tickets will not be refunded due to lineup changes or artist cancellations.
*Tickets will be exchanged for wrist bands at the festival site. Wrist bands will not be re-issued under any circumstance. Guests not wearing a wrist band on site will be asked to leave the premises or purchase a new ticket.
*Guests under junior high school age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Entry for primary school students and younger is free.

#Ticket Pia
TEL 0570-02-9999
P Codes 1-day 172-970, 3-day 780-261
TEL 0570-084-008
L Codes 1-day 88100, 3-day 88300
#e-plus (Family Mart)

At the Door

Price:1-day ¥7,500 / 1-day HS, JHS student ¥5,000 / Night pass ¥6,000 (*for entry after 18:00 only)



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  • A Romantic Fukuoka Date with Xiao Xiao Bai ❤
  • That's why I always love you Fukuoka
  • オタクマップ
  • Fukuoka Ramen Map
  • Interview Now
  • Cosplayers Laboratory
  • D.I.Y. Ita-Goods (Special Otaku Lecture)
  • WFS


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