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Canal City Hakata – Bigger and better than ever!(1/2)

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Canal City Hakata is a popular shopping complex in Fukuoka and has just recently unveiled the brand new East Building on September 30, 2011.

With the new establishment comes sixteen new shops and services for the complex, including Swedish brand H&M – the very first for the Kyushu region – ZARA, HAKATA Franfranc, as well as one of the largest UNIQLO stores in the area.

The stores I will showcase on this occasion though, are "COLLECT POINT" and "ORiental TRaffic."

Ladies, if you’re after the latest trends then look no further than COLLECT POINT.

The first and only COLLECT POINT store in Kyushu, their concept is modern-basic fashion targeted towards women in the 20s~30s age bracket. They also stock a large selection of shoes and accessories, and they even have a men’s section as well. Soon after entering the store I immediately fell in love with all the stylish designs!
● COLLECT POINT is located on the 2nd and 3rd floors of East Building.
The store itself is a two-storey, bright and spacious layout and they’re well up-to-date on all the latest seasonal trends. On the first floor you can find ladies cardigans, nit-coats, skirts, jackets and culottes. You could literally spend hours here picking out something to buy! The first thing that caught my eye upon arrival at the store was the arrangement on one of the manikins: a simple one-piece paired with a scarf-attached nit-coat – this ensemble would definitely turn a few heads walking through the city. ^_^

● From pumps to boots - you can find a wide variety of shoes.


● They also have a whole range of accessories like earrings and bracelets!I thought this bag was super cute(*^__^*) ……

● Love the center pleats on these skirts!


● They stock menswear too so it might also make a good date spot perhaps?^^
After a quick tour of the store I asked the manager to coordinate an outfit for me based on what’s big at the moment.
Well, how do I look? My first attempt as fashion model was a little embarrassing (*^__^*)~ Probably not the kind of clothes I would normally pick out for myself, but I was quite happy with the result. The cardigan chosen for me also happens to be the biggest selling item for this season so far! I really like the orange and beige check design on the blue base.

The outer coat was also extremely comfortable! Hot tip: pair it with some wide pants for a little more sophistication. It’s a very versatile outfit too – you could wear it out shopping or even to work. No wonder it has been such a big seller!

I could’ve spent hours here trying things on! COLLECT POINT is my new favorite! They also have the occasional sale on selected items too, so be sure to check back every now and again if you want to steal a good bargain. (^^)
If you’re a fashion-addict this is definitely a shop for you!!

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