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Canal City Hakata - Gourmet Tour!(1/2)

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In my last report I introduced you to a few of the shops in the newest addition to the Canal City complex, the East Building, but Canal City isn’t only about fashion, it’s also a gourmet wonderland! Allow me to introduce you to a few of my favorite ramen shops and cafés that you can find in Canal City Hakata!

First stop, "Ramen Stadium"!

Fukuoka is famous for ramen and is home to more “tonkotsu” (pork broth) ramen restaurants than you could possibly count. If you’re a fan of ramen then Canal City’s Ramen Stadium may just be the place for you!
Ramen Stadium is very much a food theme park. It consists of eight restaurants, each boasting a different flavor and style of ramen. And not only local flavors either! At Ramen Stadium you can try ramen from all over Japan! What’s more, the shops are shuffled around a few times a year, so there are new restaurants and new types of ramen in rotation all year round!

So which restaurant to try first?…(#^.^#) This is Fukuoka so I better start with the local delicacy: tonkotsu ramen! First stop, “Hide-chan Ramen”!
● The entrance to the popular, "Hide-chan Ramen"
● You place your order at a vending machine at the entrance to the restaurant. So different to how things are done in China!
I love spicy food so I ordered my ramen with super-hot, red chili oil. And after seeing how good the gyoza and "tonsoku" (pigs feet) looked in the photos, I just had to order a serve of those too. I may be a girl but I really like to eat! *´д`*)

Super-hot red chili oil ramen (750 Yen), Fried gyoza (8 pieces 400 Yen), Pigs foot (300 Yen)…the perfect lunch assembled! I was so excited, I couldn’t stop smiling.
The ramen wasn’t as spicy as I expected but the tonkotsu soup was rich and the noodles were perfect! I was impressed!! Fukuoka is definitely all about the ramen. I was shocked at how small the gyoza were though – about half the size of what you would get in China! But the bite-sized gyoza were very easy to eat and they certainly weren’t lacking in flavor! The pigs foot was also very tasty but it’s not the easiest thing to eat in the world. If you decide to come here on a date, I would recommend you refrain from ordering the pigs feet. (^0_0^)
Inside Ramen Stadium you can also buy ramen souvenir gift packs. Some of the items sold here are limited solely to Ramen Stadium (i.e. you can’t buy them anywhere else in Kyushu), so if you’re looking for a present from Fukuoka for family or friends, nothing says “Fukuoka” quite like a ramen gift set!

This place gets packed out on weekends, it’s that popular. If you’re a ramen lover then you should definitely check it out! (-^〇^-)
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