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Tenjin Sweets and Treats Special!(1/2)

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There’s always room for dessert, right girls? Not matter how full you feel after a meal, dessert is virtually a must! Here in Tenjin, in the heart of Fukuoka, you can find a whole range of sweets and desserts that all the local girls rave over. And they not only taste good, they’re incredibly affordable~!(#^.^#)

Here are some of the sweets and treats you should definitely try for yourself the next time you’re in Tenjin!

A 100 Yen Crepe!?

The crepes that I’ve had since coming to Japan have all been around 200~400 Yen, but then one of my asianbeat colleagues told me, “Did you know there’s a 100 Yen crepe store in Tenjin?” and I just had to see it for myself! About 3 mins walk from Tenjin Station, below Shintencho is the store, Pao Crepe Milk. The crepes you can buy here are unlike any other you’ve probably seen before – they come as individually wrapped squares that fit in the palm of your hand!
★ Inside is a spongy crepe filled with fresh cream! The banana&chocolate flavor is apparently the most popular.
クレープ店 小.jpg
★ More than 10 flavors including banana, strawberry, mixed, and milk – all 100 Yen!
クレープ場所 小.jpg
★ Go down the “favo” entrance of Shintencho and you’ll find it to the right of the stairs.
It’s not too sweet and it’s easy to eat. Good for those times when you’re feeling only a little bit peckish. Not to mention, it’s cheap too!

Home-made puddings on the fashionable Nishi-dori

Next stop, “Nishi-dori Purin”! “Purin,” or pudding, is without a doubt the most popular dessert in Japan! You often see high school girls over here digging into a pudding after lunch, and a lot of tourists take Japanese puddings back to their countries with them as presents. This particular pudding specialty store on Nishi-dori in Tenjin is a favorite amongst all the dessert aficionados in Fukuoka. Let’s check it out!
プリン 小.jpg
★ Biggest seller – “poshe” (270 Yen) with caramel sauce. This pudding gets regular write-ups in magazines!
プリン店 小.jpg
★ They also have chocolate, milk, green tea and espresso flavors – all 230 Yen.
プリン場所 小.jpg
★ The store gets its name from the street on which it’s situated (Nishi-dori).
To give it the taste test I ordered the ‘poshe’ (270 Yen) and the salty caramel (230 Yen). Both were smooth, melt-in-your-mouth bliss, but the salty caramel in particular had a full-bodied flavor and the velvetiness of the caramel was to die for! The staff also informed me that they release special limited time only flavors with each change of season!

Fish-shaped Manjuu!

When I came to Japan I learnt that “manjuu” aren’t like the manjuu we have in China, they’re sweet, round and filled with “anko” (red-bean jam). The next store on my itinerary specializes in manjuu but not your regular anko-filled, round majuu – they’re fish shaped!

Nearby Tenjin’s popular rest spot “Kego Koen” and down a small alley by the BARNEYS NEWYORK building is where you’ll find the little orange store called “Hakata Mutsugoro Manjuu.” The word “mutsugoro” is the name of a type of East-Asian mudskipper that lives in the Ariake Sea and this store fashions its manjuu on the unique shape of this sea creature accordingly. Inside you’ll find some tasty fillings like ham and egg, and ‘mentaiko’ (pollack roe). So I guess it doesn’t really count as a dessert but it would definitely go down a treat for those times you feel like having something a little more savory! What’s more, they start at a mere 120 Yen each! (≧▽≦)/~~
むっちゃん店 小.jpg
★ I tried the Ham and Egg (130 Yen) and the Mentai-rock (180 Yen)
むっちゃん形 小.jpg
★ The “mutsugoro” lives in the Ariake Sea. It looks like Japan’s other fish-shaped treat – “taiyaki” – only cuter~
むっちゃん中身 小.jpg
★ The most popular item, the Ham and Egg (130 Yen) is filled with mayonnaise and a half-boiled egg! It really is delicious!
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