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Dreamlike"Gun-Pla Bible" finally arrives!!

Gun-Pla book for adults, brings you right back to your childhood!

This year is the 30th anniversary of the popular TV series "Mobile Suit Gundam".

Gundam scale models created a major boom as soon as they were released.
The sales for the series topped 100 million sets in 1984 and with the abbreviated name "Gun-Pla", they are enjoyed by fans all over the world.

While Gundam is still enjoying this unprecedented popularity, Jin Katagiri from the popular comedy duo 'RAHMENS' published a book to share his passion for the Gun-Pla collection. Printed in full color, this book gives you the feeling of the author’s enthusiasm for Gun-Pla and the volume of information in this book may be a little overwhelming.

Every fan’s dream is compacted in this very informative book.
Strongly recommended for 'RAHMENS' and Gundam fans!

Elegant, Beautiful "Gun-Pla"

Sales topped 100 million sets in 1984

Product name:MG RX-78-2ガンダムVer.2.0

Price:4,410 yen


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