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cross fm "Ani-tune ❤ Fukuoka" presents Kalafina a public recording, Kalafina talk show & mini-live performance!(1/14)

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Thursday, July 24 2014 @ ROOMS, Tenjin Fukuoka

In anticipation of the release of their best albums, "THE BEST 'Red'" and "THE BEST 'Blue'" on July 16th, Kalafina and cross fm joined forces to present their "Ani-tune ❤ Fukuoka presents Kalafina: a public recording" event. Participants of this private event were selected via lottery and limited to 100 lucky winners. The three Kalafina members gave a talk followed by a mini-live concert. Being able to see them up close makes it an opportunity coveted by fans. For fans that were regrettably unable to join, we'd like to give you this report!

●From left: Kalafina: Hikaru, Keiko and Wakana.

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